What is Optoglas®

Optoglas is a trademarked system for manageable and easy energy optimisation and sound insulation of existing windows.

Optoglas is a heat-treated piece of glass, fitted on the inside of the original window frame to create a coupled window. This makes it easy to open the window without worrying about objects on the windowsill and without preventing inflow of light.

Optoglas can be fitted on side-hung, top-hung and fixed frames as well as on inward-opening, outward-opening and fixed frames.

Optoglas was designed, invented and patented by architect Ulrich Schirning and is an invisible, aesthetic solution for energy optimisation of old or newly manufactured single-glazed windows, primarily in old or listed buildings. However, Optoglas can also be fitted on new, double-glazed windows to optimise energy use and reduce noise levels.

Sustainability, comfort and indoor climate
Optoglas is a sustainable solution, and due to the fact that it is fitted on existing window frames it helps improve comfort and indoor climate with a minimum of inconvenience. As panes are made to measure, it is also suitable for oblique or curved frames.

As a member of the Danish Association of Glaziers, we offer our customers the security of a five-year guarantee on all accessories.


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