• Mark with a pen or awl all four corners where casing and window frame meet.
  • Then open the window and measure the distance between the marks.
  • You can also determine the dimensions of the glass by measuring from casing to mullion and from windowsill to sash bar or frame head.
  • As the secondary pane requires a certain amount of clearance, the glass is cut smaller than the actual dimensions. Tolerance should not be included when measuring. Only gross dimensions are required, since the glass will be cut to size at the workshop.


  • Dimensions A, B, C, and D apply to a right-angled frame.
  • If the frame has a parallel displacement and no right angles, the E-dimensions can also be given as shown on the drawing.
  • If the height of the two sides – or the breadth at the top and the bottom of the window – differs, a square can be used to determine whether one of the corners is a right-angle.


  • If frames are very warped or have curved top pieces, it may be necessary to make a template of thick cardboard or Masonite. Please contact us if you need any further information.

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