Description and pictures of glass, hinges and fittings

Standard Optoglas is 4 mm heat-treated glass, around five times stronger than ordinary window glass. It is also deliverable as 4 mm heat-treated energy glass with reflective coating.

Optoglas is delivered to measure with three pre-drilled 8 mm holes for fitting casement fasteners and stays. Holes are usually placed 16 mm from the glass edge since, according to the glass manufacturer, the smallest distance should be twice the thickness of the glass.

Hinges and fittings
Standard Optoglas has corrosion-proof special hinges, bushings, casement fasteners, casement stays, tail hooks and distance buttons. Find pictures below of the accessories.

The hinge is made of 4 mm brass with a stainless steel pin as hinge pivot. The hinge has two countersunk screw holes for fitting the pane on the window frame and one M5 tap hole for mounting the casement fastener and bushing that support the glass.

The casement fastener has an M5 eye bolt.

All common casement stay types can be used, although these must be equipped with an M5 eye bolt.

Bushings are made of light-resistant Delrin. The outer diameter is 7.95 mm with M5 thread on the inside.

The white Q-Lon weather seal consists of polyethylene foil, polyethane foam and semihard polypropylene.

Wooden beading is pinewood, either untreated or primed with white paint.

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Standard hinge

White powder coated brass hinge, brass hinge.



Hinge - long model

White powder coated brass hinge, brass hinge.
22 mm from back to center of fitting hole. For new windows and for milliing for rabbet, when fitting of hidden weather seals.


Airing casement fasteners

White powder coated (left model), brass colored (right model).
OBS! Can be delievered in a left and a right model.

Casement stays

Steel, white powder coated, brass colored, white powder coated with an extra hole.

Classical casement fasteners

Steel and white powder coated.

Special casement fasteners

Steel and white powder coated.



Sweep lock

For inward-opening Optoglas and by fitted on fixed frames. Brass colored, white powder coated.

Tail hooks

White powder coated, brass colored, steel.
Fits to the classical casement fastener and casement stay.

Tail hooks

Tail hooks in 'vertical pairs'. 1. row: steel and white powder coated with child safety for special casemant fastener, 2. row: brass colored, white powder coated for airing casement fastener, 3. row: steel, brass colored, white powder coated for special casement fastener, 4. row: white powder coated double tail hook for classical casemant fastner and casement stay.

Nylon bushings

To be fitted between the glass and the hinge.

Distance buttons

Silicone distance buttons to be fitted on the Optoglas, one in each corner.

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