Optoglas provides 30% better insulation than equivalent double-glazing, and has a better U-value (2.2) than a double-glazed pane. A U-value of 1.7 can be achieved if a special, neutral energy glass is used – equivalent to a triple-glazed pane (DS 418).

Optoglas absorbs sound. For further information, please read Delta’s report. For the moment it is only available in Danish.

Optoglas has no frame and is fitted on the inside of the existing window frame using two small hinges and a casement stay. Consequently, it does not change the appearance of the window or the inflow of light.

Optoglas is fitted on the opening frame, so there is no need to clear objects from the windowsill when the window is opened.

Optoglas requires no maintenance and is easy to open for cleaning between panes.

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