The invisible secondary window

Secondary pane of heat-treated glass without a frame. Aesthetic solution for sound reduction and energy optimisation of windows – new or old.

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Optoglas accessories

Optoglas accessories can be used to fit the heat-treated glass on the existing window frame.




Optoglas is a trademarked system for manageable and easy energy optimisation and sound insulation of existing windows.

Sustainability, comfort and indoor climate
Optoglas is a sustainable solution, and due to the fact that it is fitted on existing window frames it helps improve comfort and indoor climate with a minimum of inconvenience. As panes are made to measure, it is also suitable for oblique or curved frames.

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As a member of the Danish Association of Glaziers, we offer our customers the security of a five-year guarantee on all Optoglas accessories.


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Better insulation and less noise

Optoglas provides 30% better insulation than equivalent double-glazing, and has a better U-value (2.2) than a double-glazed pane. A U-value of 1.7 can be achieved if a special, neutral energy glass is used – equivalent to a triple-glazed pane (DS 418).

Optoglas absorbs sound. For further information, please read Delta’s report. For the moment it is only available in Danish.

 The Optoglas® team:

Thomas Nordahl, Janne Axelsen, Kim W. Kristiansen, Dennis Nielsen og Jesper Furdal.


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